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“Robustness Is Unavoidable”

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As impossible as it may be to believe, Yu Wan Mei has not existed since time immemorial. Founded in 1998 without incident or legal complication, what is now a glorious 300,000-square-foot processing center began as a humble 230,000-square-foot warehouse. Built on a tireless spirit of community, honor, and willingness to continue working despite the loss of prized appendages, Yu Wan Mei continues to enjoy the meteoric growth that has propelled it to become the No. 5 amalgamated salvage fishery and polymer injection service in the magnificent province of Sichuan.

The rumors are not true.

Never one to find satisfaction in his current level of success, despite its unquestionable nature, CEO Zuo Xiabing, remarkable creator of Fish Time™, has worked without pause to ensure dominance in the myriad ancillary concerns under his ever-watchful eye. Most recently, Yu Wan Mei has made forays into newspaper publishing and real-estate speculation in the United States, and it will no doubt enjoy the same glory in these arenas as it has in the field of packaging residual aquatic life as nutritious sustenance for everyone.

Yu Wan Mei would never deceive its customers.